WFM World Federation of Elite Martials Arts – World President

ZONA DO ESPORTE: Mr. Mike, what was the objective of create WFM, When and where its happened?

MIKE:  the reason I started wfm was because, having previously been world director for Wmo and world Vice President for wkf I felt both presidents had no belief that kickboxing would ever get to the olympics nd when I asked Roy baker Vice President for wako he said it would take at least 20/30 years that’s if it ever gets there ~ so I decided I would start wfm and try to help get it there , I went to Dubai nd asked sultan to be Vice President nd Dietrich from USA to be director and that’s where we started off , another reason was the unfair decisions and nothing going back to the competitors….

2 Question: Who are the Founders of WFM and where are them From?

MIKE:  I am founder of wfm from Ireland and Vice President sultan is from Dubai and Dietrich is from USA.

3 Question: The World Federation has recognition of some Govern ? what are them?

MIKE: Wfm is recognised by government as we are an umbrella body under ~ USMTA United States Muay Thai association + we are with wmf world Muay Thai federation + wushu Kung fu + Bushido warriors federation + we are a sanctioned body in Las Vegas

4 Question: WFM has already organized any World Championship¿ Where was it, How many Fighters participated, How many Countries and what was the prize for the winners?

MIKE: or last world championships was in Italy Rome on June 2nd 2017 and last it was in Washington DC august 2016 and next year in October 2018 will be in Las Vegas

5 Question: The Federation are Present in how many countries in the world and how is the acceptation about WFM?

MIKE: wfm is in 111 countries

6 Question: Could you talk about the Pan America Amateur MMA Mexico Open 2017 that will be organized by WFM in November on Mexico?

MIKE:  the pan America Mma Mexico open is a very exciting event and gives wfm a great opportunity in Mexico to let people see what we bring to the world of martial arts

7 Question: Who can make part from WFM and what is the procedure to be na afiliated?

MIKE: we welcome all countries to become a member of wfm all we ask is that we want honest passionate people who believe that working together with the whole world regardless of gender or race will work together

8 Question: So, Mike… What are the planes for WFM in 2017?

MIKE: Plans for rest of 2017 are for me personally to keep traveling the world and spreading wfm ~ next week I go to turkey- then Washington DC – Uganda- Japan – Hungary ~ Greece newyork- wfm has a big event in newyork in December 26-2017 I will continue to strive for Olympics and Paralympics


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